This is a very easy to use EGG TIMER. It is also completely free! You can set up a clock that counts down and plays your favorite music when the eggs are ready.

It works just like a clockwork egg timer.


Download here (it's Freeware):

Download English Egg Timer MP3 Timer

For Windows® 32bit and 64bit

Screenshots of this Egg Timer are here: Screenshots of MP3 Timer on the Desktop of Windows®:

  1. Click on the download button
  2. save the zip file on your hard disk
  3. unzip it and run the single executeable

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Some egg boil times:

soft boiled: 3 - 5 minutes
medium boiled: 6 - 8 minutes
hard boiled: 8 - 10 minutes

Egg Timer Tips:

  1. Pierce eggs to prevent cracking
  2. place in coiling water with some salt
  3. cool with cold water after boiling to prevent further cooking

Have fun with the Egg Timer!